Thursday, January 14, 2016

It's not about where you are NOW, it's about the JOURNEY it took you to get there!

I've been doing a lot of thinking after my presentation this weekend.

I'm honored to hear how so many of you feel that you can relate with me so much better now that I stepped out of my comfort zone and opened up to share who I truly am, what I've been through, and how it's made me who I am today!

It did make me realize though, that some of you had a different impression of me, because all you can possibly judge a person on, thru social media, is what they SHARE. And if I don't open up and share who I am inside, all you have to base judgement on, is what you SEE on the outside.

So this makes me wonder how many people who only know me through social media, look at me and just think that I have it ALL TOGETHER. They think that SUCCESS came easy for me and that it just fell into my lap.

Hahaha!!! I am here to tell you... That is SO FAR from the truth!! I have been through A LOT in my life. Nothing has ever come easy for me. And I will start sharing that more often because I want people to be able to relate to me, so I can help them! THAT is my purpose in life!

You see me posting about how my husband and I just up and moved to Florida into this gorgeous home... BUT it didn't happen overnight!!!

We worked HARD to get to where we are today!!! We made SACRIFICES. We made several mistakes, but we picked ourselves right back up again and grew TOGETHER through each experience.

Joe and I met in College. We dated for 7 years before getting married. WHY?!? Because we couldn't afford it!! We were full time students, I did hair on the side, and Joe was in the Army Reserves. We donated plasma for extra money to pay our bills. We ate ramen noodles and hot pockets to keep our grocery bills down. We've lived in apartments up until moving into this home in FL.

As soon as we graduated, we both got full time jobs. I went to school for Elementary Education but wasn't able to get a position as a Teacher so I took a 9-5 desk job. I was MISERABLE there! To make a long story short (you can find the full story on my Blog under the About Me tab), I found Beachbody. Although I knew NOTHING about Health and Fitness, I fell in LOVE with it. I thought I loved teaching, but I TRULY found my PASSION with Beachbody Coaching!!

I wanted to quit my job and be a full time Coach. I was DETERMINED to make this work. SO I gave it my ALL, I BELIEVED in myself, and I made Sacrifices. I put the business FIRST and I treated it like a BUSINESS. If I had work to do or hadn't reached my goals for the month, I didn't go out with my friends, I didn't watch my favorite TV shows, and I sacrificed sleep. Sometimes I would go to bed after my husband and be awake before he even got up for work.

I did everything that my mentor told me to do. I implemented everything that the Leaders in the Network said worked well for them. I stepped out of my comfort zone and did the things that scared the crap out of me.

Don't get me wrong, I made a LOT of MISTAKES along the way and 'FAILED' several times. I almost QUIT at one point because I was working so hard and wasn't seeing the outcome right away. But I kept in touch with my mentor, I shared my dreams and vision with my husband, and most of all, I read a lot of PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT books!!! That is what kept me going!!

I just had this overwhelming belief that I was meant for MORE. I finally felt like I fit in for the first time in my life. I felt like I had a PURPOSE. And there was no way I was letting go of that!!

After 2 years into the business, I was able to RETIRE MY HUSBAND from his corporate job. We spent the entire 2 years since starting Beachbody, paying off our bills, credit cards, and student loans every week, rather then going shopping ;) So I'm happy to say that we are now DEBT FREE besides Joe's Loans, which are almost paid off!!

This is still crazy for me to say!! Remember, I went to school for ELEMENTARY EDUCATION lol I expected to be paying loans and dept for the rest of my life because we all know a Teachers income ;)

Well we've always wanted to move somewhere warm. We've talked about it for as long as I can remember. But we never actually thought it would happen for a long time because we couldn't afford it. SO NOW, with neither of us have a job holding us back as an excuse to move.... WE DECIDED TO GO FOR IT!

The first photo is from our tiny apartment in Michigan overlooking an ice storm we had one day haha and now here we are in Florida, in our 4 bedroom home with a pool, living the life we never imagined was possible.

But with the Coaching opportunity that Beachbody offers, it is ALL POSSIBLE! For ANYONE . As long as you are willing to WORK HARD and make sacrifices. BUT that can mean different things to several different people!!! I have super Successful Coaches on my Team who work full time AND are Mom's!! You can build a successful Coaching Business in just an Hour a day!!

If you'd like to know how, I'd love to share this opportunity with you and see if it's a good fit for your lifestyle :)

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