Monday, January 18, 2016

Stepping out of your Comfort Zone is SCARY, but you feel so AMAZING after you do!

Two weekends ago, my husband Joe and I flew to Pittsburgh to meet up with my Team for our Quarterly Beachbody Training and to Celebrate being the TOP TEAM in the entire company!!!
Super Saturday is a huge event, held all over the US and Canada, where we Celebrate the SUCCESSES of Coaches in the area, TRANSFORMATIONS of our Challengers, mingle, LIVE workout, and talk about all of the exciting things we have to look forward to! 30 of my Coaches took road trips in the terrible weather, all the way from Michigan to be here. This is a big deal!! This is the second year that we've done this and it's a weekend full of fun and memories!!!

We held our Super Saturday on Friday actually. It was hosted by mentor and #1 Coach in the network, Melanie Mitro. And our CEO, Carl Daikeler, and Creator of the 21 Day Fix  and Hammer & Chisel, Autumn Calabrese both joined us as well!!
Some of the Announcements that they made:

*The 2017 Success Club Trip is an All Inclusive trip to the Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana, DR!! AND we get to bring a guess for FREE! This will be my 4th Success Club Trip with Beachbody that I will have earned for FREE! I earned my first one when I was in the business for less than a year! So ANY Coach can earn this trip, even new Coaches, just by helping 3-5 people a month!! You can even earn money throughout the year to go towards excursions while on the trip!! These trips are so much fun and I look forward to them every year!! It's so awesome to get to meet and hang out with the people that we talk to everyday online!!

*The NEW FLAVOR of Shakeology has been Released!! CAFE LATTE! I was able to try it last year at our Leadership Retreat and it is by far my new favorite flavor!!!!

*Additions to the Team Beachbody On Demand so you can access more programs online! All you need is WiFi!

*Our NEW PROGRAM that will be coming out soon by Tony Horton ~ 22 Minute Hard Corps! I'm so excited!!!! This is going to be a GOOD one! And come on, who doesn't have 22 minutes to workout!?!? #NoExcuses

Then on Saturday we had our TEAM TRAINING. This was something extra that we hosted to Celebrate being the TOP Team in the Network!!  Some of the top leaders on the Team, INCLUDING MYSELF, and one of my Coaches, Krysta, presented and shared how we have grown our businesses. 

SO, let's back up the bus for a minute!!!! I SPOKE ON STAGE!!!
Something I've realized is that I don't share enough about myself. Many of you may not know that I am actually really SHY before I get to know people. I get really bad social anxiety, and my BIGGEST FEAR in the world has always been PUBLIC SPEAKING! Being the center of attention or being in front of people has always been nerve wracking for me. I was a nerd in school. I was picked on, bullied, sat in the hallway at lunch every day with my 2 friends.

I usually always have found ways to get out of having to present in school, but the times that I did, I would get so nervous that I couldn't even think, I would sweat, talk super fast and stutter, and turn beet red. It was bad! The funny thing is, I went to school for Elementary Ed. Being in front of kids is different. 

So last year at this exact same event, I was asked to present on stage. The thought alone gave me enough anxiety to turn it down. But I did say that I would participate in the Q&A panel. SO I went up there and talked for like 2 minutes about my top tips for Coaches. It was so crazy though, it gave me the most AMAZING feeling of accomplishment to step out of my comfort zone. That 2 minutes was HUGE for me!! It was a GAME CHANGER. I decided I was going to take it a step further and next time I had the opportunity to speak again, I was going to do it!!!
Well a few months later, I hosted my own Super Saturday for my Team and began hosting Team calls and just getting myself out of my little comfort bubble and FACING MY FEARS!!! Then, I was asked to speak at my Coaches Training at our yearly Beachbody Event in front of thousands of people!!!! And guess what... I DID IT!! I had a gigantic stack of notecards that I read off of, but I did it!! :) After that, I pretty much became a professional speaker!! Haha, kidding but I felt so proud of myself! The people who came up to me and sent me messages telling me how much they could relate, was just incredible. It made it so worth it!!
So this year, I talked about my WHY, my story, and How to Create your Brand. This was the first time I've really opened up and let myself be vulnerable.  First impressions are judged by what you share about yourself - how much or how little. If you aren't opening up, all people have to base their impression on is what they SEE. After talking to some of the girls at our Elite Retreat, I've realized that I need to open up more and show people who I truly am, what I've been through, where I came from, and how I've become who I am today so people can better relate and connect with me on a deeper level.

I want people to see who I am on the inside, where I've been in life, the struggles I've gone through and how I've overcome them. Those are the things that have shaped me and made me who I am today. Those are the things that are going to inspire other and make them feel that connection with me. SO that is exactly what I'm going to start doing!! <3

Keep an eye out tomorrow for my post about the rest of the weekend! And keep following me to learn more about me and my journey!!