Sunday, July 24, 2016

Beachbody's NEW Performance Line

I'm so excited that Beachbody Performance is now available!
Beachbody Performance is your all-in-one system of powerful supplements, designed to give your body what it needs to break through obstacles and take your fitness to the next level. No more struggling through workouts for average results—it’s time to unleash your most extreme body transformation—the right way. Beachbody Performance products are formulated with key ingredients to help you have:
  • More energy and endurance
  • Better focus to push harder
  • Less exercise-induced muscle soreness
  • Faster recovery times

How Does Beachbody Performance Work?

It’s an all-in-one system that can be used together or easily customized depending on your fitness goals or needs.
There are 5 unique formulas, Energize, Hydrate, Recover, Recharge, and Creatine. Each serves a specific purpose, and when used as a system they work together to help get:
  • More energy and endurance
  • Better focus to push harder
  • Less exercise-induced muscle soreness
  • Faster recovery times
The Beachbody Performance system consists of five powder drinks formulated with key ingredients scientifically shown to be effective:

Energize (pre-workout) with key ingredients to help you get more energy, focus, and motivation.
The goal of this lemon-flavored pre-workout mix is to improve performance, increase focus, 
and delay muscle fatigue. It does this with three key ingredients.

Low dose caffeine from green tea. Research indicates caffeine works via the central nervous
 system, delivering signals to your brain that energize you both mentally and physically. 
The current thinking is that low dose caffeine is every bit as effective as high dose—
without the jitters.

Beta-alanine. This amino acid is a precursor to carnosine, a substance in your 
muscles that reduces fatigue by shielding against acid build up. One side effect of beta-alanine
 can be a slight tingling in the face or extremities—a feeling I’ve come to love because it tells me the stuff is working.

This anti-inflammatory phytonutrient is believed to increase the production of
 mitochondria, the “batteries” that make cells work. It’s also what gives Energize its disco-yellow color.
Hydrate (during-workout) works better than just water or sugary sports drinks to boost hydration 
during workouts, so you can last longer.

This citrus-flavored supplement is intended to be used during workouts to keep you well, hydrated. 
It also replenishes electrolytes. It does this by capitalizing on a fancy concept called osmosis.

Long story short, liquids containing fewer particles (ex. sugar, for example) will pass through
 a permeable membrane (ex. your stomach lining, for example) into a liquid with more 
particles in an effort to create a particle equilibrium between the two areas.

Many sports drinks contain a lot of sugar in an effort to both hydrate and fuel the body. The 
problem with this is that they’re hypertonic—meaning they contain more particles than blood
—so they don’t absorb well. The result is they slosh around in the stomach, and any 
athlete who’s ever experienced “gastrointestinal discomfort” after chugging a
bottled sports drink knows what I’m talking about.

Hydrate contains fewer particles—meaning they’re hypotonic—so it is absorbed 
by the bloodstream faster. The results is you hydrate more effectively and maintain a
better electrolyte balance. This is especially important to athletes, considering that
even slight dehydration can have a huge impact on performance.
Recover (post-workout) with ingredients to help jump-start muscle recovery and combat exercise-
induced muscle soreness.

While carbs can play an important role in exercise recovery, the current thinking 
pinpoints protein—about 20 grams of high-quality protein—should really be the focus. 
Right after you work out, your muscles go into serious rebuilding mode. By consuming
protein within 30 minutes of working out, you give your body the building blocks it needs 
to do this effectively.

Recover is chocolaty post-workout drink does this with a propriety blend of fast-absorbing 
whey protein, medium-absorbing pea protein, and slow-absorbing casein protein to assure you 
have protein on hand for the entire process. Within the blend you’ll also find an optimal combination 
of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), amino acids that are especially useful for building muscle.

It also contains pomegranate extract, which contains ellagitannins, powerful anti-inflammatory
polyphenols shown to be highly effective for recovery from exercise.
Recharge (nighttime) with ingredients to help accelerate overnight recovery and fight exercise-
induced muscle soreness while you sleep, so you wake up ready to work out.

Sleep is when all of your body’s natural recovery processes ramps up. To take full advantage, 
this pre-bedtime, vanilla supplement contains micellar casein protein. 
(Micellar means it’s especially pure.) Casein is especially useful during sleep because it's 
slow absorbing nature means it will keep muscle synthesis going strong during most of
 the process. One recent study showed casein before bed increased amino acid activity 
for seven and a half hours. 

Recharge also contains BCAAs as well as tart cherry extract, a natural anti-inflammatory 
substance packed with phytonutrients known as anthocyanins that have also been shown to mitigate 
exercise-induced muscle damage. Tart cherry also contains melatonin, a hormone that can improve
sleep quality.

The reason for the various anti-inflammatories in the line is to attack inflammation as
many ways as possible. “As an athlete, where inflammation is exercise-induced, what can the effect
of nutrition do?” Dr. Alamdari pondered. “We are really trying to tackle whole body 
exercise-induced inflammation, taking multiple pathways.”

Creatine helps you max out your strength and power, so you can push harder in every workout—
that means better results.

Rounding out the Beachbody Performance Line is a proven, safe creatine supplement. When you 
push your workout so hard that your muscles run out of oxygen, your body relies on phosphocreatine 
to generate adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the substance your body uses for energy. Supplementing 
creatine means you get a little more ATP, which means you can hammer out another rep or two.

There are several forms of creatine and every so often “the next big thing” comes out, but it 
never lives up to the hype. Beachbody Performance is creatine monohydrate, the most 
proven form around. It’s also sourced from Germany, a country known for the purity of its creatine.

If you’re supplement savvy, you know why it’s important to use “safe” as an adjective when discussing creatine, a substance steeped in misinformation. To counter stigma like this—and to give a clear, 
direct message that the entire Beachbody Performance Line is safe and legal, we’ve taken 
the extra step to have them NSF Certified for Sport, a program recognized by organizations
 ranging from the NFL to the PGA. ” There has been news recently on banned substances 
found in some sports supplements,” explained Michael Wilson, Beachbody’s Executive 
Vice President of R&D (and fellow cyclist), “We certified our Beachbody Product Line to give our
 customers the added assurance, whether they’re weekend warriors or professional athletes, that the 
advantage we’re giving them is safe and complies with the highest level of requirements in 
professional and amateur sports.”

Best of all, Beachbody Performance works whether you’re an extreme athlete, a regular exerciser, 
or just committing to your fitness journey. Ready to take your results to the next level?

Beachbody Performance the Best?

Beachbody is committed to getting results. Just as we revolutionized superfood nutrition with Shakeology, we are determined to revolutionize your workout performance, and help you get the best health and fitness transformation of your life. Beachbody Performance is the best because it’s:
  • Developed by Harvard-trained scientists using cutting-edge sports science and nutrition research.
  • Formulated with ingredients at clinically effective levels scientifically shown to make a difference in energy, focus, stamina, strength, and recovery.
  • No gimmicky ingredients without proof that they work. Beachbody Performance is backed by evidence-based ingredients shown to help improve performance and recovery.
  • No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives.

Friday, July 22, 2016

The **NEW** Country Heat Program!

**We're changing the FITNESS GAME!**

Do you love Country Music?!
Dancing?! But...maybe you hate working out!? 

Or maybe you don't even love country music, it doesn't matter, this program is just plain FUN!! I'm not the biggest country music fan and I sure can't dance, but I LOVE this workout!!!

Beachbody's NEWEST DANCE FITNESS workout program:
COUNTRY HEAT!!! From Celebrity Trainer, Autumn Calabrese - Creator of the 21 Day Fix!! It isn't country line dancing! It's Country Inspired Dance Cardio!!

It's a 30 day program, Each workout is 30 mins long and you dance to the most popular Country songs!! And trust me, from experience, you don't have to be coordinated to do this!! It's fun, simple, and a GREAT WORKOUT!!

No matter what your reason, if you are looking for something to spice up your fitness regime or you want to get started this could be the program for you!

Beachbody is releasing a BRAND NEW fitness program on July 27, 2016 to the line!  COUNTRY HEAT is going to knock your socks off! 

To be 100% honest, I really wasn't excited about this new program!  BUT..... that all changed when I was able to participate in the ELITE Sneak Peek OnDemand!! This program had me literally DRIPPING sweat and I didn't feel lost or confused by the moves.  It's soooo much fun and honestly, anyone can do it!  It is not hard at all. My legs were on fire, core was feeling it, and I was sure sweating!! And the results are INCREDIBLE!!

It's great for your entire body!  

Check it out!! 

So anyways, I am really PUMPED for the launch of this program and I'm going to be walking a select group of people from beginning to end through the program! I'm going to be making sample meal plans, giving you recipes, tips and guidance on how to rock this program!  

Um, and can we check out these awesome results?! 

So lets talk about what this program actually is.....

First of all it features all of the hottest country music!  There is NO CHOREOGRAPHY to remember, just follow along for the 27-30 minute workout!  This workout program is high energy, low impact dance workout that is super fun and easy to follow.  Autumn Calabrese created this program and has also created the 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme, Co Creator of Hammer and Chisel, author of the Fixate cookbook, mom and bikini competitor and the list continues! 

There are 5 high energy, cardio based dance workouts, 1 dance conditioning workout, and the portion controlled eating plan! 


When you purchase your Country Heat you will get:

- 6 workouts on 3 DVDs in 30 minutes or less.

-7 Color coded portion controlled containers to efficiently help you portion out your food

-Country Heat Nutrition Plan which is an easy to follow guide that has recipes, tips, and more to help you get results.

-30 Days of Shakeology in any flavor 

-Quickstart Guide- This is a simple 3 step guide that preps you for your fitness journey by giving you the low down on the nutrition plan and workouts.

-30 Day Calendar so that you know exactly what workouts to do in what order to maximize your results.

-Plus when you get the challenge pack you get access to Country Heat On Demand which means unlimited access to stream Country Heat and all the other workouts to any desktop, laptop, tablet, TV or mobile device.  So you can start your workouts the minute you make your purchase.


Did you know you can get it right here from me?  

Plus I am going to be launching my first official COUNTRY HEAT TEST GROUP on Monday August 1st and workouts start on the 8th of August!  You can get personal, 24/7 mentoring, guidance and support from me in a closed online accountability and support group!  I am going to basically walk you through the entire program from beginning to end.  I will help teach you how to navigate the nutrition plan, how to choose healthier snacks, swap out your bad habits for better choices and how to truly make a lifestyle change vs. a crash diet.  

I will be there to help you stay accountable, to track your food, to keep you motivated when you are not feeling it!  My job is to be your support system and sounding board!  I don't want this to be another program you invest in and don't complete!  This time it will be different!! TRUST ME!!

All you need to do is get your name on the list to be the FIRST to know about the program launch!

If you do not have a coach and would like to be in the official test group then complete the application HERE to be considered for a spot in the group.  I will be hand selecting a group of people who are committed, dedicated and ready to make some changes in their health and fitness!  So don't delay, spots will absolutely fill up fast.

Beachbody OnDemand!

Guys, there's something I've been meaning to talk to you about....

 It's called Beachbody On Demand and it is the ability to instantly stream any workout in the Beachbody Digital library to your laptop, tablet, or mobile device- wherever you have an internet connection!  Plus you can get digital versions of the program guides and workout calendars, so you can start getting results today!  The digital library will be updated monthly with fresh workouts and different programs, so you never run out of the on the go options.  All you need is literally an internet connection!  How cool is that!  

On Demand is perfect for people who have what I call workout A.D.D AKA the person who cannot start and finish a workout program but bounces all over the place and likes to do different workouts everyday!  I have so many friends and family who love to switch around one day doing Turbofire, the next doing Chalean Extreme or 21 Day Fix!  Well now this gives you that option.  

So what's the scoop:  How do you get it and how much does it cost? 

Beachbody On Demand will be available to every Team Beachbody Customer that has the club membership.  The club membership is our all access pass to a plethora of amazing tools to truly help you get great results.  I honestly love that Beachbody doesn't just give you a bag of powder AKA Shakeology and a box of DVDS and tell you GOOD LUCK!  They match you up with the best coaches, a community of support (challenge groups and if you aren't in one ask your coach about one) and an online site with meal planners, recipes, tips and tools to help you start and complete an entire program and BONUS actually get the results you were hoping to get!  Lets face it.... transforming your body and your habits is just stinking hard!  It takes will power and want power! It takes doing it anyways even on the days that you do not feel like it!  It takes making good choices when its so much easier to just make bad choices.  So the club membership gives you all of those things!  You get the club membership by contacting your current Beachbody coach and asking how you can upgrade to the club or you can contact me if you do not have a coach and I can walk you through the steps to get the club membership.  

How much does it cost?  Well the club membership is $2.99 a week but it is billed quarterly at $38.87.  You can cancel or change it at any time.  You are not locked into the club for a specific period of time.  So that is definitely nice that you don't have to sign a contract.  There is no additional cost to stream the workouts.  When you get the club membership you INSTANTLY have access to the customized meal planning feature, that has a printable grocery list, it allows you to customize and note if you have food allergies or don't like certain foods, you get access to celebrity trainer chats and support groups.  Most importantly you get a coach like me who will connect you to our support and accountability groups AKA challenge groups to help you set realistic goals for you, match you up with the correct program for your needs and keep you accountable to what  you want to accomplish.  Ohhh I almost forgot to tell you that with the club membership you also get 10% off all Beachbody Products and programs including Shakeology, supplements, pre and post workout, ect.... SWEET!!!

What workouts are included in the Beachbody On Demand?
  • P90X base and deluxe kits
  • P90X2 base and deluxe kits
  • P90X3 Base and Deluxe Kids
  • P90X one on one volume 1
  • Insanity Base and Deluxe Kits
  • Insanity:  The Asylum Volume 1
  • Turbofire
  • Brazil Butt Lift Base and Deluxe Kits
  • ChaLean Extreme
  • 10 Minute Trainer
  • Hip Hop Abs
You also get an insider "sneak peak" of the new releases, so you can can sample a workout before you buy the DVD program.

  • 21 Day Fix Total Body Cardio Fix
  • 21 Day Fix Extreme Plyo Fix Extreme
  • Piyo sweat
  • Focus T25 Alpha Cardio
  • Insanity Max 30 Sweat Intervals
  • Body Beast Build Chest and Tris
  • P90 Sculpt A
New workouts will be added to continue the variety!  

If you already have the club membership, when you log into your account you will have access to this program.

Ok so the really really cool part is this!  You can also get the club membership and shakeology in the form of a challenge pack starting on March 2nd as well.  So if you want to get both shakeology and the club membership you have this option!  It gives you Shakeology for 30 days and access to on demand for 90 days!  $140.00 is the cost and there is $2 shipping so its much less than the $15 of a regular bag of shakeology shipping!  You have 90 days to be in my customer support and accountability group, get 1:1 support and decide if this is right for you!

So if you are interested in trying out on Demand you can join me on March 2nd for an exclusive On Demand challenge group! For 90 Days you pick the workout program (I can help with this too) and you commit to replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology and my commitment to you is that I am going to teach you how to plan your meals, give you snack ideas, recipes, tips, and help you truly get that body ready for the warmer weather! Does this sound like something you would like to do????

Thursday, July 7, 2016

July is HERE!

Welcome to Summer! Are you feeling the heat? Ready to hit up the beach, pool and get in those summer swim suits?!

Keep your body happy and be sure to take advantage of Beachbody's awesome Summer July Sales! If you've been struggling with nutrition or maybe can't find the time to work out - The 21 Day Fix is the program for you! Plus, you're able to purchase it for $10 with Shakeology! Yes, $10!