Thursday, October 6, 2016

Fall is Here!!

2016 Monthly Customer Newsletter
October Edition


4 Tips for Fall Fitness
This is a great time of year to enjoy exercise outside. The sun, mild weather, and cooler evenings are perfect for a walk, run, or bike ride. Soon, we will start to lose sunlight and warm days, which means many people will find it hard to squeeze in a workout.

Follow these simple steps to avoid the time change blues:

1. Plan Ahead

Decide on your indoor or outdoor exercise in advance. Decide which time of day is best for you and plan accordingly. If morning is when you want to exercise, for the morning have your clothes ready to go. For evening workouts, bring a change of clothes with you.

2. Willingness to Change

Be willing to change your routine depending on the seasons. Changing your routine can help the body burn more calories and avoid boredom.

3. Workout DVD

Have an efficient and effective DVD at home, like the 21 Day Fix, Cize, Country Heat or . This can come in handy if the day got away from you,  it's dark or you have no desire to go to the gym. Click HERE for more info 

4. Fuel Your Body

Lots of fruits, vegetables, and water will help your body stay energized longer.You don't have to let your fitness go through the winter. Start planning today and maintain your fit body.
October Challenge Groups!

I would like to invite everyone out there who wants to be part of my next support and accountability group.
I am running a FREE Crockpot & Cardio group starting Monday October 10th, Fall into Fitness with preseason beginning on October 17th. 
FREE Crockpot & Cardio group:  Starts October 10th
Fall into Fitness Challenge Group: Preseason Starts October 17th

Ready to join us?
October Sales! 

Coaching Corner
There's no better time to start than RIGHT now as a Beachbody coach! Team Desire to Inspire was just ranked in the top 1% of the network and a 2x Elite Team and we are bursting at the seams with excitement!! Regardless of what the numbers say, I know in my heart that we have an incredible team of motivated, caring, action oriented and goal driven coaches on our teams.  It's been such an amazing year of growth and I am looking forward to 2016 having a whole new meaning. Curious to join us? 

Do you dream? Do you have vision and goals? Do you want a life that you live on your own terms, by your own design? What is a Beachbody coach? A Beachbody coach is someone that is passionate about helping others. That's what we do!  We love health and fitness and want to lead you to success. You do not have to have a background in fitness or nutrition. You do have to have passion and be driven to achieve your goals.

About two and a half ago, I was feeling depressed, I wasn’t active, I wasn’t working out, and I wasn’t eating healthy. That's when I found out about 'Challenge Groups'. I decided to join my Coaches Challenge Group and sign up as a coach as well. The group was the best thing to ever happen to me. It totally motivated me and held me accountable! I wanted to pay it forward and have a job that I looked forward to working at every day!

The most incredible part about this is that it’s no joke! We are real people, just like you, and we want to help end the trend of obesity one day at a time. Do you know how incredible it is to get paid for this? I've also earned trips, next stop Punta Cana!! 

Next year we are going to an ALL INCLUSIVE resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and I would LOVE to have YOU there WITH me! Yes, there are some fantastic perks, but the best is that I get to work from my home while changing people’s lives for the better! I set my own hours and NEVER miss out on an important event!

My team is growing! We are passionate and are on fire!  I am looking to add 5 people who want to earn a little extra), and who want to help others. Plus, you can join us at Coach Summit 2016 in Nashville, TN in July. Find out more info at I will teach you everything that I have learned and then some with my New Coach Apprenticeship Program, designed to ensure that you are successful!  Are you ready to take a leap of faith?

Contact me for more information at or check out my Website for more info!